About Project

   Schools nowadays play a significant role in the development of individuals in order to be integrated

into the society, to access the labor market in continuous adaptation and develop as responsible

citizens in the world of tomorrow. Regarding this, we have started this mutual European journey to

associate with each other, to benefit from each other and to assist our students in attaining this

objective in the process. For the purpose of preparing students for the future, we need to consider

the fact that it is crucial to train them with a sequence of skills and abilities which go beyond their

knowledge and are necessary in any field. The mentioned refer to: ICT skills, language skills,

interpersonal skills, including their curiosity, critical thinking and risk-taking.

Simultaneously, it is a well-known fact that not all students study the same things, in the same mode,

at the same time. That is why we consider that emphasizing their learning styles will result in realizing

and achieving these goals in the short-run and long-run. For that reason, we developed our project

around the purpose of providing students with the essential multicultural environment where they can

actually develop the previously-stated skills, which are founded on their individual styles of learning.


1. To identify the students’ learning styles and to adapt the teaching strategies in accordance with

their needs

2. To share diverse teaching methods based on students’ learning styles with other teachers from EU

3. To develop the students’ language skills, communicational, interpersonal and ICT skills

4. To develop the students’ creativity, critical thinking and problem solving abilities

5. To promote and achieve a professional development of the participating teachers

6. To produce and gather materials for setting up a summer camp programme for underachieving


7. To improve the students’ intercultural competences and support values such as nondiscrimination,

tolerance and acceptance of diversity

8. To develop the students’ motivation, self-confidence and as a result increase their performance